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October 13th, 8:58 pm


Two years ago today. Were you there? And who is coming to the next two in November? #royalalberthall.Originally posted to celebrate the release of All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, we are delighted to share another one of the highlights of the... ... See moreSee less

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I was there and will never forget it! The reception that the band received from us all was just amazing to witness. Looking forward to Birmingham Symphony Hall in November.😎

I saw the fantastic concert on Blu-ray and decided immediately, if they will ever play at the Royal Albert Hall again, I'll be there, too. See you on both days πŸ˜€

Was the best concert I’ve ever attended. Never known a band to get so many standing ovations. Can’t wait till next ones ❀️

I wasn't there two years ago... it was hard πŸ˜” And today I'm more than Happy to be able to come to England to listen to them in their country 😊

Yes I was there!! Was absolutely amazingly special! A night I will never forget! Will also be there for both nights in November, and at Portsmouth! Can’t wait!! 😁😁

I can't deny I was there. Thrilled to have been a part of it. I'll be there at the next two as well. Like I'd miss them?

We were there ! And again for this new show!

We were there and are lucky enough to there again this time around. Can't wait!!

Yes, and it was so special. Hope those going this time enjoy it half as much this time. We'll see you at Symphony Hall in Birmingham this time.

I'm coming from Holland with my brother in law. I've seen the registration of 2 years ago and can't wait for the 18th november. Traveling for the first time by train to London.

I was there...when I was on my own, and it was amazing. And now 2 years later, I’m going on both nights...but this time with my beautiful girlfriend, who I met at the β€˜All One Tonight’ screening at the Everyman Cinema, Leeds on March 26th 2018...😊

It was a fantastic and unique event and I will be there again for both nights!!

I am the happy owner of the album recorded in this concert :)

Didn't manage last time but so looking forward to the 19th. First time in RAH. What a way to spend my birthday πŸ˜€

Sadly not, but I do enjoy the DVD, I'm going the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall show on Tuesday November 12th, the very Marillion gig for me.

We had tickets and had been invited to the After Show, but couldn't go because our daughter had just been born. Now, every October 13th, we make her watch All One Tonight and say "Look, child, we could've been there if it wasn't for you" πŸ˜‰ We will be there in November though, just for the Monday

Yes and yes!! Coming to both nights in November to celebrate my birthday ...... what a present!!! x

We were there it was spectacular and emotionally. And we will be there again...

An amazing night I'll never forget. Unfortunately the finances were pushed enough to get me to Leicester for my 1st weekend, so no gigs this tour for me.

Nope... bit i did see you in Eindhoven. That was a fantastic performance. I saw Marillion many times...but this was one of the best ever.. Hope Utrecht will be equally good!

I was there, but unfortunately cant make the November ones. I will see you in Oxford & Cardiff though. πŸ˜€πŸ’œ

Two years ago I ended up in A&E with pneumonia, so missed the gig (my now wife proposed to me on the back of the experience so there was an upside!). Going both nights this time!

I was there and I’ll be back. The most stunning gig I have ever been to.

I was there with my dad - incredible, really incredible. And coming again next month with my wife! Been looking forward to it all year!

Yes, and I get these memories on Facebook to relive this magical evening πŸ‘πŸ» This year I will go with my brother, also a fan since 1986. We fly in from two countries to celebrate his 50th with a Marillion concert in RAH. Already ordered his t-shirt as a gift 🀩

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October 11th, 3:59 pm


Thank you all so much for the great response to our new album 'Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra'. The response has been so great in fact, that it seems we managed to break the printing press at the factory! To this end, we have had a slight revision date to our postage dates. We had said that we would be able to start posting it out this week, and have managed to get a few hundred orders sent, but the rest of the stock has had delivery to us delayed until next Wednesday. Rest assured that as soon as it arrives, we have a team of people ready to pack as fast as they can and get the CDs on their way to you.

The same team will also be helping to pack the UK tour t-shirt pre-orders and then move swiftly onto packing up all the Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe Editions.

We can't thank you enough for having the faith to order from us and we hope we can get all your orders to you as quickly and efficiently as possible before the start of the tour on November 1st.

Right, back to rehearsing and we hope to see you all on tour soon.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
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Hi I have to confess, Nottingham will be my first H Marillion gig, so please be gentle with me, second thoughts just blow me away. So excited!

If, say, we've bought a "Friends" CD, AND a tour shirt AND a "Sunlight" Blu-ray, any chance of just bundling them all together in one parcel next week? ;)

Well after 30+ years my wife is coming to see the band in Liverpool next month for the first time!

I'll be at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, will it be available there?

Is the album available on iTunes please?

Well I amused myself with the Albert Hall DVD today to warm myself up for the next delivery. That gig is just so so good. Anything good is always worth waiting for.....and I'm sure it will be great. See you at the Sage. X

Thank you so much for being the best band on this planet. I Love you soooooo much. Good luck to you. πŸ€πŸ’ͺ😘

Think I will buy my copy at the Sage gig. As was the way two years ago, every time I go to see Marillion live, I listen to the entire album back catalogue in chronological order!

Can I buy at the concert in Nijmegen?

Looking forward to seening you guys in Cardiff. My first marillion gig. Seen most of heroes but seening you guys in one of my highlights. Can't wait 🀘🀘🀘

Can’t wait to see you in Liverpool x message for Steve I’m from wickersley Rotherham would love to Meet you xx

Thank you for the infomartion....It's worth to wait...

Good things are worth the wait.

Looking forward to Southend πŸ™‚

Many thanks for people working at the Racket store !! And many thanks to You. See you soon in Paris πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Am sure it’s well worth waiting for ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Really looking forward to Novembers gig! Jane Kilby

Well that is just not good enough πŸ˜‚. I may burst with anticipation now 😜.

I cannot wait to hear this entire album!! Take your time, throw in a few guitar picks, we'll call it even haha

Never mind.. always worth waiting!

Shame there’s no vinyl.

We will see you in Liverpool can’t wait xxxπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I hope you can come to Mexico !!!

Hope you will sell it in Royal Albert Hall too😊

Is the new CD part of the set list for Liverpool?

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