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Tickets onsale now for our UK Weekend. 



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Booked! 🇸🇪🇬🇧

The Punch Brothers, Keith, Darren and I have got our tickets. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 😄😄✌️

2 Down 3 To go :-D

Got mine, looking forward to it 😀

Yes!! I got my ticket! Lestah here we come!!

Yes yes got tickets Leicester ere we come can't wait 😈

Got mine🎸😀

Leiiiiiiiiccceesssssstttter🎵🎼 🎶You can put your music around my soul and take it dancing🎶

Were in, with my old gig buddies

All sorted, including parking! 😀


Got ours yaaaaay 🎸🎤🎹🎼

Booked. cant wait...

Get In!!!!! Booked today. Cant come quick enough!!!

Just over an hour late!

Got ours😊


Got mine! 🎸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🎸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🎸

Got ours

Got mine!


Got mine.

All booked

Argentina Weekend!

Les-tah, here we come again! Stephen Lord 😊😊😊

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June 30th, 7:12 pm


Thank you Netherlands. Enjoy the last concert of the tour tonight. Photo by Vanessa Kennedy. ... See moreSee less

Thank you Netherlands. Enjoy the last concert of the tour tonight. Photo by Vanessa Kennedy.


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Marillion are the best band in the world 👍

Thank you for the Amazing music and the 4 shows i was so Lucky to attend. You are the best 💖

Thank you marillion for being able to make this tuff hard as nails grown man cry! Of happiness!

It was a great night in Enschede, enjoyed it so much! Thank you for your great music.

Holy shit it was awesome last night. I’m still in awe 😅 Fantastic night and great to see you guys live again! Thanks so much, I hope you’ll be around for many years to come 😉 Best of luck with the rest of the tour👍🏻

4 out 5 is not a bad score. Still ashamed I couldn't make it to Groningen.;-) Thank you and I hope this tour get a successor once....

Thanks for the great show grandpa! #stevehogarth ❤️✌️

Thanks you guys, it was amazing as ever!!!✌🏼

Thank you Marillion for a magnificent evening in Enschede!

Great evening. Next year same time, same place? Never enough ;-)


We did...!!! A real party!! Thank YOU...!!!@

Thank you! It was fantastic.

Out of this world.

see y’all in march port zélande!!!💜

Thank you for an amazing week

Youre the best 😎🤘

Fab photo Vanessa!

Fab gig lads xxx

Great pic

Grosse Vorfreude ! November in Erfurt !!!

Auch ich war anwesend

Marion Meinicke-van Triet

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June 30th, 4:03 pm


Fantastic venue tonight:) ... See moreSee less

Fantastic venue tonight:)


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With me on row #13 ;-) cu tonight

2 Pete's tonight?

It is the Fantastic place? (I know, corny)

Thank you Marillion for the fantastic concert last night in Groningen. H where did you buy your large black jacket you wear Last night? It's so cool. Or can I buy yours 😁 please. See you in Hamburg in December this year and next year at the Marillion Weekend oh yeah

It was fantastic in Enschede!

Thank you for the fantastic concert in Enschede. ☺️🎸🎸🎸

Geniet ervan. Afgelopen zondag waren zo top, eigenlijk zoals altijd.

On our way, met Mark, Elmira en Lucel 🎵❤

Chairs again...., just like in Groningen.

What a great 2 year run. You guys deserve it!!! 👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

And fantastic it was...!!

Looks like a fantastic place.

...without me? unbealivable

See you tonight!

What time on stage please.

See you there!

See you there!

Marion Meinicke-van Triet

Maurice En Chrisiec Kempe !!!

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June 30th, 1:48 pm


Final gig of the Dutch Tour tonight. It’s been brilliant thank you. #marillion #dutchtour2018 #markkelly ... See moreSee less

Final gig of the Dutch Tour tonight. It’s been brilliant thank you. #marillion #dutchtour2018 #markkelly


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Nice pic of mark! Very pink floydish i thought....!

Marillion and Golden Earring, that would have been one hell of a show

I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about this man’s keyboard work and just his musical contributions to Marillion through the years. Mr. Kelly, you’re unbelievable! Thanks for doing what you do.

And thank you for a brilliant gig in Utrecht last Sunday. Out of this world made me cry, again. Very emotional song.

It was an amazing show tonight in Enschede, thank you Mark and the rest of the band and helpers 😎👍🏻

Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most -insert appropiate adjective here- in the world. ;)

That looks extremely relaxed! Enjoyed Vredenburg and enschede!! A party! Hugs xx

It was awesome in Utrecht and Haarlem ...thanks again

And I've enjoyed your brilliant gig in Haarlem last Wednesday so much! See you next year at the Marillion Weekends 2019 in Port Zélande! 🎶👍

See you tonight! Play "Afraid of sunlight" accoustic for us please!

See you tonight, looking forward to it!

Like what you have done with the tour bus 😂

WOW, that's a lot of mirrors! Nice picture

Have fun And shine again tonight! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Enjoyed your show in Groningen.

Thought this was Robben.. 😂

Thanks guys! It was amazing!

What a handsome man.

What a week 😁👍👏

Number one!!!

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June 29th, 2:03 pm


#marillion #dutchtour2018 #petetrewavas #waitingforataxi ... See moreSee less

#marillion #dutchtour2018 #petetrewavas #waitingforataxi


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Next album title: N.O.S.H.

I think the guys need to hire a better photographer ;)

The Invisible Man?

Top performance, perfect evening. Thnx Marillion. Brave to visit Seasons Endschede ❤️

Marillion, rocking out in the Nosh Pit.

Enschede is hot! We need an ice cream genius 🍦🍧🍨

I HAD been just idly viewing the picture, and ready to click away when the photographer suddenly leapt into view (honestly hadn't seen/noticed him until then!)... He looks to be in a wee bit of an irritable mood, eh? :D

Great show in Haarlem. Thanks guys

Still pissed because of your bass in Eindhoven, Pete? ;-)

Presumably waiting for a guitarist too....

We can't wait to see and hear you all in Enschede on Saterday

An eatery? In the Netherlands? Called Nosh? What were they thinking?

Pete almost looks like that taxi is LATE...

Some dodgy looking blokes in the background there Pete!

Judging from Pete's expression, that is one loooooooooong wait ;)

Taxi? The venue is just a 10 minute walk😉

See you in Enschede Saturday!

Why so serious, son?

Pete, why so serious?

getting better with the selfies 😎😎😎😎

ok im going to show you...

See you guys tonight! 🎸🕺🏻😎

Pete just can’t stop smiling. 😁

halfies instead of selfies 🤣


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