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November 15th, 3:33 pm


Southend after soundcheck. Photos by Ian Mosley:)
See you later!
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Southend after soundcheck.  Photos by Ian Mosley:)
See you later!


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Have a great night guys. Saw you in Glasgow and Gateshead. Both fantastic shows 😁😁😁. Can't wait for the DVD !!

Excellent gig tonight guys - looking forward to the 2 RAH ones also

What a wonderful show! Wow! Good luck with the rest of the tour. Hope to see you again next year!

Excellent night in Gateshead Wednesday

Gateshead was a brilliant gig as always. Wish I could be there tonight. You are all in for a treat!

Brilliant thank you all for a great night .

Exciting xxxx See you a bit later πŸ˜‰

Brilliant, thank you

Fantastic view!!!

So wish I could be there as I used to live quite close to Sarfend.

Been listening to you all day & can’t wait to see you tonight

Superb show by all and h' never ceases to amaze me with his give it all vocal performances but I do wonder what would happen if we all wanted to get on the stage like one member of the audience did but it did give us a laugh

Looking forward to seeing you this evening....

Have a wonderful night, everyone πŸŽΆπŸ’–

Great night at Southend. This band just gets better and better!

Marillion were incredible in Glasgow on Tuesday night.

So wish I could be there - bought ticket but ended up on holiday in India - gutted I've gotta miss it but hope it goes well guys

Have a great night everyone.Wish i was there.

Was great seeing you tonight again guys. I've really lost track of how many times I've seen you since the beginning. Was my mrs first time tonight. She loved it but really did not know any of the set. Enjoy the next few days guys.

Nice view of the interior !! best seats in the house !!!!

Fantastic! See you all later . My daughter Zoe’s 22nd birthday treat .

Already in Southend, can't wait.

The cliffs is looking good

On my way now. I was at Cliffs on the Fugazi tour in 1984

Oxford was Superb!!

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November 13th, 6:19 pm


Soundcheck done. Ready for you Gateshead. ... See moreSee less

Soundcheck done. Ready for you Gateshead.


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Had a canny night in the wooden room. My husband is the fan I didn’t know any songs but really enjoyed the show x

last night in Glasgow was utterly amazing - fab concert ❀️

Looking forward to it lads. Especially hearing Rother’s fabulous tone in that wonderful venue again!

Had a fantastic night last night in Glasgow and music was amazing hope to see you all again soon and don't forget about us and hopefully the rest of your tour goes well see ya soon but no too long xxxπŸ’•πŸŽ»πŸŽΈπŸŽΉπŸ“―πŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

Great sounding venue! Enjoy!

Looking forward to Southend tonight. Same boards that Jeff Beck has graced! I am sure the boys will do us proud!

Have a great night and thanks for a great night last week in Birmingham and all the best with the rest of the tour everyone πŸ‘

Yet another amazing night with you. 30 years of loving! Thank you so much! β™₯️

Great show. Love the new CD.

Lucky lucky Gateshead. Marillion were brilliant in Bath on Saturday night

Saw Ray Davies at the Sage, years ago. Cracking gig. Hope everyone enjoyed the Marillos!

Hope the voice is holding up. Have a good one.

Hope our lovely H is feeling better❀

Getting excited for Friday in Southend

Awesome. Thanks .

Hope you feel better H! Be gentle with your voice, we all love it πŸ₯° Have an amazing night you all!

Amazing gig! Second time seeing Marillion at Sage Gateshead and I'd definitely see you guys again!

Sat in my seat. All ready ❀️

Yeah great gig in Glasgow despite the unscheduled finish -don't leave it another three years lol πŸ˜‚

Can’t wait to see you in the Royal Albert Hall.

Have a good Time Friends

We are in pitcher and piano across bridge pop over and will get you all a pint lol can't wait

Wow what a show again! Seems like ages since Leicester weekend! Loved the strings and flute/french horn and the fact that they added to the music and weren’t drowned out. Great set!

see you soon in Roma...

Enjoy. See you Monday & Tuesday 😁

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November 11th, 2:37 pm


Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bath and Oxford DONE! Day off today and then onto Glasgow, Gateshead, Southend, Cardiff and London's Royal Albert Hall for two nights. We are really enjoying the tour, amazing audiences so far - thank you. See you soon:) ... See moreSee less

Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bath and Oxford DONE!  Day off today and then onto Glasgow, Gateshead, Southend, Cardiff and Londons Royal Albert Hall for two nights.  We are really enjoying the tour, amazing audiences so far - thank you.  See you soon:)


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Absolutely gutted with tonight's gig at Glasgow. I love marillion, have done since the early 80s, but tonight just didn't work at the Glasgow concert hall. Not even one hour 45 mins and that was it. Never been to a marillion gig that lasted under 2 hours. No Easter and no band intro. Hardly any patter either compared to normal. Just don't know what happened. Not the ABC....that's probably it..? Whilst I love the orchestra and their talent, I have to say it just didn't add anything extra..urghhh so frustrated. Hey ho....next time, eh. Still love yaz loads.

Really good Saturday night won't be waiting another 25 years to see then again

Have a wonderful time in Glasgow, Marillion and fans! πŸŽΆπŸ’–

Loved the Portsmouth gig. Thank you Marillion ! Please return next year . X

You were stunning in Liverpool & Manchester, wish I could have done them all!

Amazing show in Oxford guys, went to fast though, see you in Cardiff. I dont ever ask but please play Beautiful πŸ˜€

Great night in Portsmouth.... first Marillion gig for the wife she had a great night as well....

You were fantastic last night in Oxford despite the acoustics not being great if you sit at the back of the stalls. Think it's to do with the over hang of the circle, blocks the effect of the surround sound. Didn't stop me from loving every minute of it and can't wait for the 2 nights at RAH. Can I say loved Harry Pane too. Have had so many oppotunities to see him but didn't until last night. Loved him and to top it off from the town where I live😁😁😁. Enjoy the rest of the tour and see you in London.xxx😍😍😍

Amazing night in Birmingham, fabulous sound and Setlist. Well done all.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Bath was stunning. Up there with the best marillion gigs I've seen in the last 30 years. Awesome crowd to. Can't wait for Cardiff this weekend. And RAH on Tuesday. Absolutely buzzing 😎😍

Seen Marillion many times over the years but last night in Glasgow was absolutely amazing .Thanks for a great night that me and my wife will remember for a long time

Had an amazing time in Bath...thank you Marillion xx

Incredible night in the Bridgwater Hall gig! Wish I had been able to do more but sadly not this tour! Enjoy one and all. ❀️

Fab night last night in Oxford......had to play Separated out really loud today!

I'm a Marillion newbie and went to my first concert at Bath Forum last Saturday. Absolutely loved everything about it! Pure class 😊

First ever Marillion concert - in Oxford. Very special guest of Rich Lee. The whole experience was a Red Letter day. Such talent! X

Agreed, magical night at the Symphony Hall, good luck with the rest of the tour

Thoroughly enjoyed Thursday night at Portsmouth.....thank you so much for a fab evening.

Glasgow last night was fantastic. Great show was had. Thanks

I was at the Liverpool show, I wish I could see another , the one I was at went so fast, utterly engrossing.

The Bath gig was epic! Thanks xx

looking forward to Tuesdays gig in Glasgow:)

Stunning performances in Nottingham and Birmingham. Well done πŸ₯°πŸ‘

Stunning gig in Oxford. A heady mix of music and emotion.

Manchester show was awesome. What a great venue, sound and vocals excellent. Thank you Marillion

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