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October 29th, 9:32 am


Starting to rehearse now for our shows this November/December - some tickets still available - hope to see you there! ... See moreSee less

Starting to rehearse now for our shows this November/December - some tickets still available - hope to see you there!Image attachment


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See you in Vienna

Sabine Wagner, wie sieht es aus ? WÀre das nicht ein tolles Vorweihnachtsgeschenk für uns ? 😍

See you in Frankfurt, Essen, Essen, Berlin, Erfurt, Bremen, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Wien.

Frankfurt here we come

See you all in Berlin!!!

Can't wait

See you there! 😁

See you in Hamburg😊

See you there, and there, and there =)

Hello. Have a happy day. They are epitaphs for singing. www.onehundredandoneepitaphs.com

See you in Berlin.

See You in Brno

See you in Essen to the second show! 😍

We live in the UK,but will be in Berlin on Wednesday,28th Nov,so see you there!!

So looking forward to see you all in Essen ❀🎢🎸❀

Wow Brno is sold out

Yeah Yeah Yeah front row Essen

😒😒😒 Wish I could... 😒

See you in Bremen!

🎀🎡🎼Bremen 🎼🎡🎀

Nanne Hein 😊😊😊

Quisiera saber cuando tendremos el DVD del weekend en Chile. Quiero tenerlo como un tesoro y verlo muchas veces😒

ERFURT! Am 3.Nov. Fish und am 29. November Marillion !!



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October 26th, 1:53 pm


We're not here to announce any gigs, nor to sell you anything.

We just wanted to wish you all a very happy weekend!
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And the same to all of you guys!

🎢🎸have a MARILLIANT weekend yourselves🎸🎢

😍 best band in the world who whish that to the fans. Have a great weekend too 😘

Awh so sweet! Love you forever! Enjoy your weekend too!!!

What a thoughtful post from you . 😍 Happy weekend to one and all of you .πŸ™‚

I love Marillion. Thanks so much from Rome.☺️

A happy weekend to you to guys! And remember, the weekend career girl never boarded the plane!

My weekend starts at 07:00 on Sunday morning. Not sure what we're doing but you can be sure copius amounts of Mead will be involved at some point later on in the day (it's got honey in it, got to be one of your 5 a day, right?)

Same to you guys. I was supposed to see you for the first time at the Sage in April but a family bereavement meant I couldn't go. Booked tickets for both nights at the RAH. Cannot wait.

Ammmmm... The best band in the world for me!!!!!! 😍❀ Nice weekend!!!! 🎢🎢🌎🌏🌍

The same for all of you!

Thank you so much! Happy to everyone at marillion.com as well! :) <3

Thnx Steve, Steve, Mark, Pete and last but not least Ian, wish you all a very good weekend, hope to see you in PZ March next year!

"Nothing matters but the weekend, from a Tuesday point of view"

Ahhh happy weekend everyone! Hope it's a good one. πŸ’“ Mine will be filled with mixed emotions as it is likely to be my last day of official work in my business, and also fireworks tomorrow night!

Thanks , was just heading into the kitchen with a beer and my cd copy of the Albert Hall show to start cooking , hope you have a great weekend !

and a very happy weekend to you all too πŸ˜€

Is every Marillo feeling the love on Facebook tonight? Have a great weekend guys and I am sure we all promise to play awesome tracks, watch some awesome DVD etc by the best band in the world throughout this and every weekend. 😍😍

Awww thanks guys - I’ll certainly have a good weekend now, knowing that I managed to scoop tickets to see Marillion at the RAH for both nights next yearπŸ˜ƒ. Can’t wait to see you there!!! Cheers 🍻 & have a good one too πŸ˜‰

Happy Weekend to you all at Marillion and the Racket club!!!

Thanks lads! Nice one! Don't forget you still have plenty of fans in Australia/New Zealand, y'know? :-)

A happy thinking!! Thanks a lot!! My thoughts are with you all, returning your wishes and hoping for good health and a fat belly for all!!! And one more time: Bravo!!!

Some of us are just starting Friday morning, but thanks!

Happy Weekend to you all as well! Cheers!

Ok thanks but just to say I have booked tickets today for next November! Hope you are all still performing then!!!

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October 19th, 9:27 am


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When you are coming to Poland?

Hopefully a Marillion tour with Friends from the Orchestra for North America, too? Two sold-out nights at the Greek Theatre in LA sounds like a great way to end the decade. ;)

Please come again in Toulouse to Le Bikini

One date in Milan please.

I hope one day you will come to Russia with a concert :)

what songs will be in this tour?

when in germany ?

Sage ...here I come.

I am going to the Sage πŸ‘

2019 Marillion

La France vous attends πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Impatiente πŸ’—πŸΈπŸ’— vivement dΓ©cembre 2019


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October 12th, 10:29 am


UK Tour 2019. Europe dates to follow: Tickets on sale next week: youtu.be/0VaVDHrMjR0Tickets available here from Friday 19th October: myticket.co.uk/artists/marillion Marillion have announced that they will return to the road in the U... ... See moreSee less

Video image


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Gothenburg, Sweden this time please!

Fingers crossed for an Italian date πŸ–€

Hoping for a date at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht in the Netherlands! :)

Anyone know how much the tickets are?

Gareth Ruddock John Neill

Julie Crawford. Do you take bookings that far in advance? πŸ™πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I know how tiresome it is to see comments like β€˜best band on the planet β€˜, but, in this case, its just a fact; not an opinion!

Come on Marillion come to Glasgow! I live in Cumbernauld near Glasgow and I'd be willing to dip into my pocket and help crowd fund you to play The Royal Concert Hall, O2 Academy or even The Hydro!

UK tour is pushing it. One gig in Scotland and none in either Wales or n Ireland. Yet more than one in London...

What we doing November 19 gents - Andrew Meese Mark Jones ???

Let’s sort

I'm sure I saw a post on the cost of the tickets but I can't find it now! Can anyone help please ty X

Alte Oper Francfort is waiting for you guys !!!

Greece for gods sake!

Fantastic news!!

Anyone know the ticket price ?

Please come to MΓ©xico. We miss you.

Some possibilities Barcelona date?

Mark Thrasher have you seen this!!!


....MΓ©xico ????


La France vous attends πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Andreas Grabe. Da mΓΌssen wir wieder hin ... mit Orchester

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